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oWyZSjordan 11 4mJh LNY

Nike 鞋,Sit down is not necessary. Gil waved his hand, Zhe Zhe black Zhe is also a smile, beauty, you sit do not sit? Jill does not sit, I will not sit. Ming Qi for strangers, but also extremely cold. Blood on black philosophy, but also a faint smile, not how the heart of the indifference of Ming Qi, because he was a prisoner of women's indifference, is commonplace, if the Ming Qi warm up, black philosophy will know what to do. Black Zhe head, do not know you come to me, is there anything I discuss? Jill dark blue pupil staring at the black philosophy, said: If let me join the blood bandit gang, I am afraid I can only refuse.
Nike慢跑鞋,Blood on black philosophy, a touch of smiles, and then asked: do not know, Jill heard in the castle in the evil, the castle outside a dangerous, has a place called 'Long Yuan' abyss? Jill brow slightly wrinkled, said: This I really have not heard of. Then you must know that breaking the old black dragon, right? Blood on a black Zhezhe, three glasses of wine appear in the stone table, all filled with black drinks, these things Black Dragon wine. Jill slowly nodded his head, looked puzzled look black philosophy, said: Recently, I touch the evil castle things, and that some of the ancient ruins of the Black Dragon some strands of the origin... This is the Black Dragon wine, that Tyson please I drink wine is also... in the auction market, but also encountered broken side of the old mirror, broken by the ancient Black Dragon's eye made of.
Nike Air Max,Blood on black Zhe, slowly laughed: is that Long Yuan, but evil castle near the latest discovery of a dangerous, our evil castle in the major forces are to go to the past... and together to kill guarding the Long Yuan The other end of the ancient Black Dragon break. Subsequently, in the discovery of the existence of Long Yuan. Jill heard very seriously, Ming Qi is also behind Jill listening to black Zhe said. However, that Long Yuan has a magic array in the guard, with a few days Moyo can be lifted. Blood on the black Zhe slowly said, our major forces have been scrapped after the end of the strong shortage of ancient Black Dragon, many people are also distributed to the Quartet laughing news, a lot of people who heard the news also received the message, which Longyuan, Must fall a strong, and there are treasures left in the house.


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